Working Groups

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Education Working Group

Aim : to plan and implement the integration of planetary health into education and training at all levels, from nursery school to professorships, from internships to the corporate boardroom, including developing and designing curricula and curriculum materials. A key facet of this is discussing the extent to which planetary health topics are integrated with rather than displacing or replacing, existing learning and training.
Contact person : Jennifer Cole; contact her via

Research Working Group

Aim : the scientific dialog across disciplines is hampered by the use of different concepts, approaches, methods, and even social and cultural constructs. Sharing the personal experiences of embracing the PH approach may help to facilitate a mutual understanding and facilitate cross-disciplinary empathy and collaboration.
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Policy and Advocacy Working Group 

Aim: to be the interface between views and insights from members of the Planetary Health European Hub and governments, parliaments and other relevant (academic) actors in the European area, to further strengthen the position of Planetary Health on the political agenda, further integrate the concept of Planetary Health and sustainability into various policies, strategies, and policy agendas, and to support enhanced policy coherence and vertical coordination in support of Planetary Health at international, national, regional and local levels.
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Community Building Working Group 

Aim : serving as a connector across European and key non-European PH partners. Community building and planetary stewardship: to create European societies who grasp the importance of acting in synergy to protect the planet and living things.
Contact person : Jorieke van der Stelt: