REPORT: WHO Council on Economics of Health of All 

On May 23 2023, a timely report has just been released from the WHO Council on Economics of Health of All: “Health for All: Transforming Economies to deliver what matters”, including a recommendation on Planetary Health: “Planetary Health: Restore and protect the environment by upholding international commitments to a regenerative economy which links planet and people”.

Click here to read the final report.


September 2: Public Lecture Daniel Pauly
Naturalis, Leiden (the Netherlands)

How have humans transformed the planet in the past millennia, and how has this process accelerated in the recent past? How is the human impact on the world’s oceans different from the devastation of terrestrial ecosystems? And can we still change the course we are on?

World-renowned marine and fisheries biologist Daniel Pauly will address these questions in this public lecture. Pauly, described as “The Ocean’s Whistleblower” by his biographer David Gremillet, is one of the world's leading experts on oceanic ecosystems. His work has been awarded with more than 30 international prizes, including the Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement, and he has been named one of the Scientific American 50.  Ask Daniel Pauly all your questions and come to the free, English-taught mini-lecture

Please click here to sign up for this free mini lecture on Saturday September 2, 3.30-5pm.

November 20-23, 2023: European Congress on Global Health (ECTMIH2023)

Focus: shaping the future of equitable and sustainable Planetary Health. Our planet and its climate are changing as a result of human actions.  ECTMIH 2023 will:

1. Act as a catalyst in the transition and change we need to achieve equitable, just, and sustainable societies
2. Encourage the active participation of researchers from low and middle income countries, global thinkers, policy and decision makers
3. Stimulate debate on the role of cooperation agencies and of scientific institutes in all areas of global health

Want in on the action? Click here to send your abstracts before April 30 2023. 

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