The Future for Planetary Health Cities - The role of political leadership

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The Future for Planetary Health Cities - The role of political leadership


The workshop and roundtable are a starting point for the Planetary Health Alliance to work together with experts, mayors, administrators, physicians, and scientists to develop initial goals and images for Planetary Health Cities until 2050. The focus will be the challenge of strengthening political leadership capacities, at the city level, in Planetary Health and to elaborate on the different angles.


The workshop and roundtable will focus on following key questions: do the PH paradigm communicate well with political leaders? Are the links between human health and the health of the Planet relevant for the political discourse? Which are the political hurdles to impulse transformative challenges in PH (e.g. political costs of trade-offs)? How do the urgency scale in PH fits with the short-term political agendas? Which are the risks for the PH approach of working closely with political leaders? Would the PH European Hub benefit of having the formal support and advance of a group of political leaders?  What trends will cities face by 2050? What are the implications for health? How can cities be prepared for this? How must the future UN framework (post SDG phase) be designed to enable this?


A result could be a new working group in the European Hub, a 2-page strategic statement and a consensus on elements for a new “Planetary Health for All Policies”[1]Framework for cities. The results will be further elaborated at the next Planetary Health Annual Meeting 2024 in Malaysia.


ARTIS in cooperation with the Planetary Health Alliance – European Hub.

Workshop: Maximum of 15 to 25 participants, attendance requires registration.

Major Round Table

Team: Ralf Klemens Stappen (IAS-Munich), Marju Prass (Lahti University Campus /University of Helsinki), Josep Antó (IS Global-Barcelona), Joyce Browne (UMC Utrecht), Remco Kort (ARTIS)

Date & Time
Wednesday July 05, 2023
13:30 17:00 (Europe/Berlin)

ARTIS, Amsterdam

--ARTIS, Amsterdam--
--ARTIS, Amsterdam--
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